Safety: Priority Number One

Safety is a top priority at Three Rivers Corporation. Our safety experts are involved in the planning, coordination, and implementation of all activities. This helps ensure each project is completed safely. We employ a full-time safety director and an extensive staff dedicated to ensuring safety on every job. Everyone in the organization is empowered and expected to act as a safety supervisor. It’s an expectation at the foundation of our culture.

Over the last 10+ years, we have performed well below the State, and Federal average regarding OSHA recordable incidents, as showcased in the graph below. This accomplishment is something every member of Three Rivers takes extreme pride in, and as a team, we all work diligently to ensure everyone’s safety at all times.

Nationally Recognized Safety Record

Three Rivers has consecutively received the Associated Builders and Contractors National Pinnacle Award for the last four years. This award is ABC’s most significant safety honor and is awarded based on self-evaluation scores, lost workday case rates, total recordable incident rates, leading indicator use, and process and program innovations. Across the United States in 2021, only 16 firms achieved this prestigious award.

Our Five Keys to Safety

Top Down Commitment: Everyone understands that they have a role to play in safety performance

Strong Safety Program: Accessible, standardized, compliant, informative, and integrated into our culture consistently

Safety Culture: A belief that all safety incidents are preventable

Continuous Improvement: Always looking for better ways to reach our incident-free goal

Sustainability: Maintaining a high level of safety performance long-term