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In collaboration with Pam Blough, Inc., Three Rivers Corporation proudly spearheaded the transformation of Thrune Park, creating an enriching environment tailored to the young residents of Midland. Generously funded by the Strosacker Foundation, this comprehensive renovation revitalized the park into a secure, educational space for play and exploration. The project aimed to preserve the park’s beloved animal features while introducing new play structures, ensuring that the park continues to be a source of delight and learning for children.

Animal statues in Thrune Park in Midland, Michigan.

Renovation Highlights

Thrune Park underwent a complete renovation to provide a safe and engaging haven for children. The project included the recreation of animal features to match their original designs, maintaining the park’s nostalgic charm.

Adding state-of-the-art play structures and interactive features guarantees hours of entertainment for young visitors, while redesigned accessible pathways ensure that the park remains inclusive and welcoming to all.

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