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MIDLAND, MICH. – Three Rivers Corporation and Midland’s Arnold Center have partnered to produce medical standard face shields for distribution to health systems across the state of Michigan. “This represents an opportunity for us to leverage our supply chain with the assembly talent at the Arnold Center in order to provide critical personal protection equipment to those who need it most. Given the current situation, we need to be innovative in our approach and bring all available resources to the table to make a difference,” said Jon Lynch, President of Three Rivers Corporation.

This unique partnership brings together the resources of one the region’s largest construction companies with the assembly capabilities of one of the top Community Rehabilitation Organizations in the state. Jennifer Grace, Program Director at the Arnold Center, had this to say, “The Arnold Center is thankful for the opportunity to serve our community through this critical project with Three Rivers Corporation. Our team members are proud to be called upon during this time of crisis to help others. It is important to recognize that individuals with disabilities makeup the largest demographic of our workforce and the contributions that each of them are making to assisting others during this pandemic either through this project or the other essential contracts they are working on.”

Three Rivers Corporation has already received the first purchase order for face shields from MidMichigan Health with assembly to begin at the Arnold Center in the coming weeks. “MidMichigan Health, like all health systems across the country, has been put on allocation of critical PPE (personal protective equipment) supplies by the distributors and manufacturers so as to ensure we do not over order, causing other systems to be short of needed supplies. Our service area has not been as heavily impacted directly by COVID as other Michigan areas and so our ability to conserve is greater. Our staff has done a tremendous job in helping ensure that everyone is safe in a very challenging PPE environment. We continue to receive supplies and many area donations are coming in. Every bit helps,” said Diane Postler-Slattery, Ph.D., FACHE, President and CEO, MidMichigan Health. “We are grateful for this new partnership between Three Rivers and Arnold Center. It is another example of how local organizations are collaborating together to bring assistance to others. Their support in our efforts to keep our health care workers and patients safe and free from harm is critical and so very important to our health system and our communities.”

For information on ordering face shields, please contact Chris Moultrup, Director of Business Development for Three Rivers Corporation, at 989.205.0317 or email cmoultrup@TRCcompany.com