Three Rivers Corporation honored 15 employees in six categories at an awards banquet on December 12th who continually exceed expectations through their dedicated service to the company. Each award recognizes significant contributions made by individuals throughout the last fiscal year. They are team members that others admire for their dedication, quality of work and overall attitude. Each person honored was nominated by their peers and selected by a committee. All individuals recognized demonstrate a drive for excellence; encouraging the safety culture and outstanding work ethic. Three Rivers would like to congratulate the 2018 award winners!

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Cody, Jason G., Levi, Ken, Travis, Austin, Jason S., Josh, Duane
Bottom left to right
Wes, Nick, Anthony, Jeremy, Scott, and Jamie
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Rookie of the Year

A first year employee or new in role employee that shows outstanding work ethic, knowledge, and passion for what they do.

Nick Finch
Levi Veltkamp
Travis Ziegler

Most Safety Minded

An employee that lives and breathes the “walk the talk” philosophy every day.

Anthony Haswell
Jeremy Sampson

Most Consistent Quality

Employees that have the ability to produce high quality work day after day. They are relentless in their pursuit of a job well done.

Scott Eastman
Wes Kohn
Austin Krawczk

Develops the Most Business

Employees recognized for being the face of our company. These individuals go the extra mile to satisfy our current or future customers. This can include examples of individuals earning new work or maintaining current relationships through great customer service.

Jamie Crockett
Ken Paek

Most Improved Craftsman

Employees with limited field experience that devotes themselves to perfecting their craft. This individual shows commitment to continuous learning and improvement. They dedicate the time into advancing their skill level making them better overall craftsman.

Cody DeMoines
Josh Schultz

Most Valuable Player

This employee embodies everything that Three Rivers is looking for in a great employee. They are someone that others admire for their dedication, quality of work and overall attitude.

Jason Gust
Jason Smith
Duane Tripp